Who I am



Hi! My name is Jake Vorian, and I am a university biology teacher. I’m passionate about teaching students various parts of microbiology. I have been thinking about creating a blog for quite a while but I never had the courage to create an online space for expressing myself. Also, many of my students have a lot of trouble using a microscope for the first time, which is why I have decided to write more about it in the upcoming posts. As you can imagine, because I am going to share the link to my blog with multiple acquaintances, I will not be discussing too many details regarding my personal life.

Hopefully, the things that you will get to read about on my blog will be interesting enough to spike your interest for microbiology and using a optics for studying the world around you. I’ll be tackling the teaching process, in general, and how you can get a good device for as little money as possible. The golden rule to choosing a good microscope is to look at your needs and preferences and understand your abilities and skill before making a call. While some people have a lot of experience with using such devices, others are simply interested in buying them for their kids. As you can imagine, these two examples call for two different types of microscopes.

In my spare time, I like to listen to classic rock music. Because I have a family, I can’t really afford doing that when I’m home because some new chore always comes along and I have to take care of one thing or the next. That’s why I use my car trips as an escape from my regular day-to-day routine. This is the place where I listen to bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, and the amazing Jimi Hendrix.

When they see me for the first time, most people think that I’m a hipster. I’m 32 years old, but I listen to classic rock simply because I like it the most. What am I supposed to do? Try to fit in and start listening to Justin Bieber and whichever singers might be cool nowadays? I got my passion for music from my parents, who were some kind of hippies, although in a good sense, however. They raised my sister and I according to many healthy principles about life. Once in a while, they’d get friends to come and visit with them, and that’s when I had the chance to listen to some of the great bands that I mentioned above. In short, that’s what you’ll get to read on my blog. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about microscopes and a bit of classic rock.